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Health Care

We provide an extensive list of veterinary services including general health care, veterinary medicine and surgery. We also provide general health care for birds, small rodents and rabbits including sterilisation of male and female rabbits


We stock all Veterinary diet brands and prescription diets, a wide selection of tick and flea treatments, general grooming products, toys, beds, health supplements and treats


For emergencies please phone 083 412 9599.

Who we are


North Rand Road Animal Hospital would like to welcome your furry friends. We are an established Veterinary Hospital and have been looking after your beloved pets since 1999. Our goal is to provide exceptional health care and professional veterinary service. Our compassionate and friendly staff understand that your pet is part of your family and we treat them as such. We offer high quality medical care, surgery and general health care. Our hospital is equipped with digital radiology, ultrasound, in house blood analysis, ophthalmic microscope and dental equipment. We look forward to meeting you and your pet.


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Our Services

  • General Health
  • Dental Care
  • Surgery and Anaesthesia
  • Post-op Care
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Medical Care
  • Ophthalmology
  • Reproduction
  • Bird Health
  • Nutrition and weight management

Taking care of an animal means more than just giving shelter and food. There are a lot of things you can do to ensure your animal stays healthy and happy. Prevention is better than cure. It is essential that your puppy get his/her first inoculations at the right time and intervals.

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We provide dental care services to keep your pets Colgate smile pearly white. Dental disease is one of the most common diseases seen in pets. Regular teeth cleaning has been proven to extend the lives of dogs and cats (read more to see why). We also offer a wide range of dental care products including tooth brushes, pet tooth paste, oral sprays etc.

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Anaesthesia is a risk to all patients. Although the risks are greater with old or compromised patients, especially those with heart conditions or systemic illnesses, each animal is assessed prior to a general anaesthesia. Unfortunately, no anaesthesia is 100% safe and unforeseen complications may arise despite all efforts to avoid them.

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Post operative care includes all treatments after surgical procedures. All surgeries will have their own discharge and post operative care instructions and it is always important to make sure you are aware of what these are. Medications dispensed, wound care, bandage care, follow up consultations and careful monitoring of the animal are just examples of post operative care that need to be followed if instructed.

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Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to assist in the accurate diagnosis of your pet’s illness. If we need to perform any advance testing on the blood tests such as the levels of the thyroid hormone, seizure medication or other tests we send the blood samples to Idexx laboratories and results are sent to us within a few days.

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Our vets are well equipped to provide excellent medical treatment to your beloved pets. We treat patients either as outpatients for the simple gastroenteritis to the more complicated biliary treatments where our patients receive intensive care and treatment such as lifesaving blood transfusions and remain hospitalised until they are well enough to come home. Our vets have a keen interest in solving complicated cases and stay up to date with the latest research by attending regular CPD talks and congresses..

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Eye problems in animals are one of the most common things we see in practice. An eye examination involves checking the eyes with a light, measuring the eye’s pressure with a tonometer which can diagnose glaucoma, staining the eye with a dye to check for ulcerations of the cornea and measuring tear production.

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We provide a full range of reproduction related services, they include oestrus monitoring, basic semen evaluation, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, monitoring of pregnancies via ultrasound scans, caesarian sections and birthing complications..

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Our practice is well equipped to provide general health care for birds including beak and nail clipping, wing clipping, parasite control and general health management. Birds are managed in a stress free manner and general inhalation/gas anaesthesia is available for those patients that require immobilisation.

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We stock a wide range of quality dog and cat food brands in our practices. Everything you will need for your bouncy pup or kitten to the old couch potato. Expert advise is offered on our range of prescription diets specially formulated to support those pets with specific dietary needs to enhance recovery. Weight management and reduction programs are also offered to shed those puppy love handles.

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