Nutrition and weight management

We stock a wide range of quality dog and cat food brands in our practices. Everything you will need for your bouncy pup or kitten to the old couch potato. Expert advise is offered on our range of prescription diets specially formulated to support those pets with specific dietary needs to enhance recovery. Weight management and reduction programs are also offered to shed those puppy love handles.

People always say you are what you eat, that also applies to our pets. Do not compromise your pet’s health for the cheaper option at the supermarket. A good quality food not only is perfectly balanced to meet your pet’s every requirement but you feed less due to the higher digestibility and nutritional value of our food brands.

Although chubby cats and roly-poly dogs might be cute, it has a serious influence on their health. Fat acts like a gland that also excretes hormones that have negative systemic effects. We have special formulated diets to shed the extra pounds with expert advise to help you plan your feeding routine. We offer a weekly weight check and condition score assessment to monitor your pets slimming progress.  Obesity may also  predispose your pet to illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, pancreatitis and lipidosis which affects the liver of cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to feed a more expensive food to my dog or cat?

The food we stock might be more expensive but by feeding less the same weight of dog food will last longer due to the smaller portions you feed. Better quality food also extends your pet’s life due to better health.

Why do puppies need to eat puppy food?

Puppies need to grow thus they need more energy and calcium and therefore a richly formulated food to support healthy growth.

What is the difference between mini, medium and large breed foods.

Different breeds require different nutritional compositions to promote optimal growth and development. Large breed dogs need the correct balance of calcium and energy to develop their joints optimally to prevent future conditions like hip displasia.

Is it better to feed only dry food or wet food?

Feeding dry food as the majority of your pet’s diet is a healthier option as the dry food  helps to decrease tartar buildup on the teeth,  keeping your pet’s teeth healthier for longer.

What is my pets ideal weight?

When you come in for a weight and body condition evaluation, we will discuss the optimal weight of your pet according to their breed and age.

What do you mean to put my dog/cat on a diet?

It means to feed less, feed no table scraps and we stock foods formulated to help your pet loose weight that is fed according to your pet’s complete daily requirement.

What healthy snacks are there to treat my pets?

There is a wide range of snacks and treats that we sell to suit every pet. We also have light and weight loss treats available.

How regularly must I feed my puppy?

Puppies are gluttons, and will eat anything you put in front of them.  It is advised not leave food down for a puppy, but rather feed 2 – 3 smaller meals a day.