Post-op Care

Post operative care includes all treatments after surgical procedures. All surgeries will have their own discharge and post operative care instructions and it is always important to make sure you are aware of what these are. Medications dispensed, wound care, bandage care, follow up consultations and careful monitoring of the animal are just a few examples of what may be required after a procedure.

All animals that come in for surgical procedures will be discharged with instructions and medication. Suture removal is always done 10-14 days post op. Bandage care will always be stressed and regular follow up bandage changes are essential in cases that require long term bandages. It is important to always confirm with the vet the interval required between bandage changes. Bandages must never get wet, and any concerns with the bandage, ie; swelling, abnormal odour, slipping, etc. need to be brought to your vet’s attention as soon as it occurs. All medication dispensed needs to be completed, and any uncertainty must be communicated with the vet. ¬†If your pet is sent home with a drain, it will need daily cleaning with a disinfectant solution such as Savlon or Hibitane until removal.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do bandages need to be changed?

Each case is usually unique, and bandage change intervals will vary from case to case. Fractured limbs for example, will need to be changed at least every 7 days. Open wounds might need to be changed more frequently. The vet will always mention the maximum time between changes.  Puppies and kittens specifically require regular bandage changes because of their rapid growth and predisposition to muscle contracture.

When do sutures need to be removed?

If sutures need to be removed, this is usually done 10-14 days post operative.

How long are drains kept in for?

If your pet is sent home with a drain, the vet will usually mention when it needs to be removed. On average a drain stays in for up to 3 days, depending on the wound. A 3 day follow up consultation is usually scheduled.

When should I be concerned with regards to bandages?

If at any point the bandage gets wet, moves out of position, or any swelling or abnormal odour is noted, your pet should be brought in immediately.