We provide a full range of reproduction related services, they include oestrus monitoring, basic semen evaluation, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, monitoring of pregnancies via ultrasound scans, caesarian sections and birthing complications..
We provide up to date advice on breeding, nutrition and everything you need to know about puppies/kittens.

Oestrus monitoring is done via vaginal examination and smears, this is monitored on a daily basis untill day one is reached, which is the ideal time for mating.  Artificial insemination is done vaginally 2-3 times around this most fertile day.
Pregnancy diagnosis is done from day 20 via ultrasound examination. We perform in hours and after hour caesarian sections in emergency situations.
We give advice during every step of the breeding cycle and are well trained in all birthing and post- partus complications and emergencies, including dystocias, milk fever, puppy rejection, etc.
Advice on adequate nutrition and supplementation necessary is also discussed for the different stages of the reproduction cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a vet be available after hours in case of an emergency?

Yes, we offer an after hour service for any emergency situation, including caesarian sections and partus complications

When do you start monitoring a bitch for artificial insemination?

It all depends on how far the bitch is in her cycle, we usually start monitoring at the start of oestrus (after heat signs begin) and decide based on vaginal examination when she needs to come in.

What are signs of heat in the bitch?

The male is interested in female, often mounting occurs. The vulva is swollen with bloody discharge from the vagina which gets somewhat less as the female reaches the optimal time for breeding.

How do I know if my dog is pregnant?

Early stages have very minimal signs, and diagnosis is made via ultrasound examination. As the pregnancy progresses abdominal enlargement, mammary development and milk production occurs.

How long is a cat and dogs gestational period?

Dog – 63days (+/-1 day)
Cat – 58-63 days (variation between cats)

What are the signs of labour?

About 24 hours prior to labour the bitch will show signs of nesting, she often goes off her food and appears to be restless.
The vulva is usually swollen and a clear mucus is often discharged. Panting is common.
Contractions (abdominal heaving) commence at the start of labour and puppies are usually born within 1-2 hours of the start of contractions.

When should I be worried?

If contractions have started and no puppy is delivered within an hour it is advisable to phone the vet.  The period between puppies should also not exceed 1 hour.  If a puppy is seen in the birth canal and can not be delivered, contact the hospital immediately.