Dental Care

We provide dental care services to keep your pet’s Colgate smile pearly white. Dental disease is one of the most common diseases seen in pets. Regular teeth cleaning has been proven to extend the lives of dogs and cats (read more to see why). We also offer a wide range of dental care products including tooth brushes, pet tooth paste, oral sprays etc.

Dental disease is caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth of pets. This provides a lovely home for bacteria to grow and thus causes infection in the gums that can lead to periodontal disease and tooth abscesses. The bacteria can also travel into the bloodstream and cause infection elsewhere in the body, for example in the kidneys and liver, that can be fatal. The procedure includes scaling of the teeth to remove all the tartar, followed by the extraction of any loose or bad teeth and finally polishing all remaining teeth. Regular scale and polish of your pet’s teeth prevents the development of dental disease thus keeping your furry friend smiling for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my pet need a scale and polish?

Young dogs/cats need a scale and polish at least once every two years and dogs/cats older than 8 years need a dental check up every 6 months.

Do they need anesthetic to clean their teeth?

Yes,  the procedure is done under general anaesthetic thus pets need to be starved 12 hours before the procedure.

What do I look out for?

Signs to look out for if you suspect your pet has dental disease are; bad breath, decreased appetite, salivation, red inflamed gums and discoloration of the teeth.

Are there any foods that improve the health of my pets teeth?

We stock foods that are specifically formulated to improve the removal of plaque and tartar as well as a range of treats.

Is the procedure painful?

Mild discomfort is experienced after the procedure if teeth were extracted and we will advise feeding soft food for the following 2 days. A routine scale and polish however has no discomfort or pain involved.

Do I need to brush my pets teeth regularly?

Many pets do not tolerate this exercise,  so this needs to be introduced at a very young age. Brushing your pet’s teeth or the use of other dental products is beneficial but if this is not possible, your pet needs to come for regular health checks to assess the need for a scale and polish.